Data trainee


Mick van Deemter

As ‘The Interpreter’, I am only too happy to dance on the fine line between IT and the business. I enjoy every step in the process, from getting my teeth into the data with the IT people to presenting the outcomes to management in attractive and manageable units. In doing so, I think it’s essential to approach all components with the attention they deserve. I always make sure that the various parties continue to understand each other and that we remain focused on results. As an informal energy bomb, I keep everyone involved in this chain moving.

Technical Language

During my studies, I was introduced to the language of engineering. I’d love to delve further into this, in order to fully align with the die hard data scientists.   


I love analysing data overloads together with IT people. I’m quick to recognise numerical patterns and connections in large amounts of information.


Translate & Connect

Behind all those hard and factual numbers, there is a deeper meaning. What is the connection between the data and our business goals? I smoothly translate our existing IT knowledge to the business and vice versa.

Presenting & Communicating

One thing that really energises me is gathering the insights that we’ve gained and offering them on a nice silver platter! I convey this new information to the audience in attractive and manageable way.

Besides a Data freak, I am…

The mood maker! With my DJ skills and the lavish meals I bring people together.

Coordinator Sustainability of Recruitment and Selection at Ormit Talent

As the Coordinator Sustainability of Recruitment and Selection, I was responsible for digitizing the assessment process. For this, I interacted with stakeholders at different levels within Ormit Talent to include their values and interests. For example, I transferred the entire assessment process to a comprehensive Teams environment and introduced a tool for discovering trends during the digital assessment process. Being involved from start to finish and working data-driven is what made this assignment so much fun!


Contributor AI for Seals Project

Het project AI for Seals streeft naar vlekkeloze gezichtsdetectie en -herkenning van zeehonden om de populatie- en migratiepatronen van zeehonden te documenteren zonder dat zeehonden hier last van hebben. Binnen mijn team ben ik verantwoordelijk voor de ontwikkeling van een gezichtsdetectiemodel en monitor ik de voortgang. Daarnaast onderzoek ik verschillende algoritmes, detectiemodellen en artificial intelligence (AI) en adviseer ik mijn team over efficiëntere en beter passende methodes voor gezichtsdetectie. Ik werk samen met internationale partners om de wereld een betere plek te maken door gebruik van AI. Dit maakt het een enorm leuk project!

Mick’s tip…

My tip is the book entitled ‘The Question that Mouse Asked’. This short story is about a mouse searching for the essence of life in a simple way. Is life about collecting as many nuts as possible? Or perhaps about making as many friends as possible? The wise hedgehog teaches him that life is about genuine attention in everything you do.

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