Data trainee


Pomme Verhagen

Down-to-earth and sociable, with a southern accent. But the typical southern lack of punctuality? That’s not for me. I love organising and undertaking things. In that way I get things going, but I do want everything to be done to perfection. In the first few weeks of my traineeship, I was christened the ‘PA’ by my pool mates. For good reason of course; I’m quite good at keeping track of what is needed, clearly and accurately. Both for myself and others.


I work pragmatically and solution-oriented. Whether it is an unexpected situation in the workplace or a broken arm on the slopes; when something happens, I switch to action mode immediately.


Marketing Analytics

I am not the typical data nerd. My interests range from marketing to specific data-focused problems in order to deliver fact-based advice.

Punctual Organiser

I prepare really carefully before taking any steps. Also in my work as a analytics translator, I keep track of exactly what happens and where. My overviews are always close by, which is helpful for myself and others.

Analytics Translator

I get along with all sorts of people, and combined with the necessary data knowledge…it’s a perfect combo! I like to dance on the fine line between data and business. Because I work well with both sides, it’s easy to switch between them.

Besides a Data freak, I am…

Extremely curious about Asia! Last summer, I got a taste of Asia and felt hugely stimulated to go there for an extended period. People in Asia are so sweet and helpful. That special culture, beautiful nature… I’d love to delve more deeply into that.

I have worked on this project:

Marketing Analytics Specialist at Ormit Talent

As the Marketing Analytics Specialist, I am responsible for the data-driven setup of the marketing department. I run results from ongoing marketing campaigns, structure the data and incorporate it into a dashboard. In addition to the data aspect, I support the marketing team with content creation by keeping up with social media and writing newsletters. The variety between data-driven work and marketing tasks makes my assignment fun!

Pomme’s tip…

Around me, I see that people get stressed quite easily and can fret a lot. My tip? Never lose your common sense, and try to take a down-to-earth perspective of a situation. We often make things in our heads so much worse than they actually are. I believe there is a solution for every issue, also in your working environment.

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